Yarn Available Product List

S/L Yarn Description  Yarn Count
1 100% Cotton Combed All Count
2 100% Cotton Combed(Cmia) All Count
3 100% Cotton Carded All Count
4   100% Cotton slub All Count
5 100% Cotton Compact All Count
6 100% Cotton Espiri Compact All Count
7  100% Cotton Organic All Count
8 100% BCI Cotton (Combed)  All Count
9 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic & (Ant piling) All Count
10  50% Cotton 50% Acrylic BCI All Count
11  40% Viscose 60% Cotton All Count
12 60% Viscose 40% Cotton All Count
13 100% Cotton Combed Organic  All Count
14 100% BCI Cotton Combed All Count
15 100% Cotton Combed  All Count
16 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic BCI  All Count
17 BCI Combed  16/s to 34/s
18 Carded Hosiery Yarn  16/s to 34/s
19 Carded Hosiery Yarn  16/s to 34/s
20 Combed Hosiery Yarn  16/s to 34/s
21 Carded Weaving  Yarn   16/s to 34/s
22 Combed  Knitting   Yarn   16/s to 34/s
23 Combed Comt Wvg Yarn  16/s to 34/s
24 Open EndYarn 16/s to 34/s
25 CVC Carded and Combed 16/s to 34/s
26 Spundex All Denier
27 Lycra All Count
28 Viscose Staple Fiber All Denier
29  Polyester Staple Fiber All Denier

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